The Mission: A Man’s Closet


160909_CaliforniaClosets_HorsefeatherLocationThis 2013 year in the world of interior design we are beginning to notice a trend toward designs including and featuring a more masculine, gentlemanly style; everything from living spaces to bedrooms and even kitchen spaces are showing this concept. The idea is to use textures, colors and features that appeal not only to men, but women too. The influence of the immensely popular recent James Bond 007 movies seem to have brought a return to the classic, elegant gentleman’s approach to both individual and shared interior home spaces. Textural elements, dark woods, leather and minimal sleek design elements help to contribute to the look of a gentleman’s space. One specific home space we think benefits greatly from this trendy new design influence is the gentleman’s wardrobe closet space.

One of the key aspects of a well-designed closet space for any man is the ability to store clothing effectively and allowing simple, easy access to both daily item needs as well as special items and evening wear. Did you know how crucial it is to store a man’s suit properly? A gentleman invests in a couple of well-made suits for his wardrobe only once every year or so, the cost to purchase a quality suit and have it fitted is a true investment for most men. The need to store them properly is without question, hanging them not only on the proper hangers but also with adequate space needs both vertically and horizontally in space. Custom designed hanging racks are perfect for suits as they allow for all these needs and  make it visually easy to access the items as needed.

If you are looking to re-design or create from new a gentleman’s closet in your home space, be sure to consult an expert designer who 11_Mens_final_0358 smis trained in this space to offer the best advice for you on creating a personal, beautiful and highly effective storage space. There are many design solutions that house everything from everyday accessories like belts, ties and pocket scarves to storing seasonal shoes and boots. The ability to store all these items properly also helps to minimize damage while greatly increasing their life span of wear. Discuss the concept of custom designed built-ins to truly add a feature that is specific to your personal daily needs when it comes to your wardrobe.

EXPERT Design TIP: Ask your consultant about adding lighting features in your newly designed gentleman’s closet design, the trend toward environmentally safe and super sleek lighting works effectively in this space and adds to the final look and feel.

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